Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Butter from a Food Processor

I decided I wanted to make my own butter to go with my homemade bread. It's not hard, but I discovered that it won't save you any money.

Here's what you need: heavy cream, salt, food processor, and a cheese cloth (I tried a dish towel and it was terrible, get a cheese cloth)

Pour in cream.

Add a little salt. I think I did half a teaspoon.

 Turn on food processor and realize that you have a tiny one and take out half the cream. Notice drips.

 Now we are in business. Keep it churning for about 10 minutes.

 At the 5 min mark it looks like whip cream. Keep going.

 The butter will start clumping together and the butter milk separates out.

Place butter in cloth and squeeze out the butter milk.

You are left with fairly equal amounts of butter and butter milk.

2 cups of heavy cream produced just under a cup of butter.

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