Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finding Home Design Inspiration in a Hotel

My husband works for a hotel in downtown Chicago. He had to stay there for the weekend of the NATO conference in Chicago and I got to join him for the weekend! I love staying in hotels, especially fancy ones. I knew the hotel had undergone some renovations in the lobby and restaurant. I met him downstairs and he gave me the key to the room. When the elevator doors opened to my floor, I was stunned. I was expecting the traditional old world hotel look it always had. I had no idea the entire floor had been remodeled.

Everything was done to my taste: beautiful greys, accents of purple, a mix of textures, and shinny things. It continued into the room. I didn't post any of the room itself because while pretty, it was very small. The bathroom is inspiring me to start work on my own. Everything is white in my bathroom: walls, tile, cabinet, counter, sink, and curtain. I want to do something to warm it up. 

 View I had from elevator. We already have the cream colored, leather couch.

 Don't you just love the chandeliers!

 This picture doesn't do it justice.

Love the dark wood contrasting with the white stone counter.

I love the textured wallpaper they used with just a bit of shimmer. I'm thinking of doing some kind of painting technique. I'd also love to darken the cabinet, but who knows. My husband isn't too keen on doing much for the bathroom right now. I might have to settle on my idea of making a painting and finally getting a bathmat to match our towels.

Where do you find design inspiration? 

**Over this past weekend, my husband worked on a big project. I'll be posting about it soon.

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