Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The List

Inspired by many other bloggers who have posted on this recently, I would like to compile my own list of all I need to get done. I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend next month, and in August I will have family coming to stay. It will be their first time for seeing our new place and I'd like it to be as put together as possible. Also with my summer vacation coming up, I'm starting to plan out my usual summer project list.

Before Baby Shower:

  1. Cull and organize closet. This is a big one. My closet has overflowed to the futon in the second bedroom. I need to downsize and organize my beautiful closet (one of the big selling features for me
  2. Finish my big organization of files and stuff in the second bedroom.
  3. Make art for bathroom. I was thinking a painting using all the sample paints we decided against (we have 13, they need to be used for something.)
  4. Hang light in second bedroom. I have it, just need to do it.
  5. Hang hooks somewhere for my husband to hand his jackets. He is currently putting them on hanger hanging off my beautiful entry library shelves. He likes to let them air out.
  6. Buy more curtains, figure out the hardware to use, and hang curtains in living area. We've picked out what we want, we just need to figure out how to hang them. When you live in the city (unless it's new construction) it's not always strait forward as to how to get things on the wall.
  7. Replace bulbs in tack light. Not an easy task since they are 15 feet up and the only way to get up there is with the shaky wooden latter in the recycle room.
  8. Continue mural behind the TV (or this can wait)
  9. Plan menu! This is the fun part
  10. Plan theme! It's a boy, but I don't want to be the traditional blue, I'm thinking black and white, White Sox theme (she's an avid fan)
  11. Make a gift for her
  12. Deep Clean
Before August family visit:
  1. Buy more lighting
  2. Pick out draping fabric for our canopy bed.
  3. Paint bathroom
  4. Get at least a new towel hanger for the hand towel if not all. (they are all these weird hooks and the hand towel won't stay on.
  5. New bathmat
  6. Plant an indoor herb garden (This is going to take some research to figure out. I've never had even indoor plants myself)
  7.  Paint second bedroom?
  8. Hopefully get shades restrung.
  9. Maybe find awesome deal on perfect low china cabinet. (a girl can dream)
  10. Do something awesome to my bedside table. I'm thinking mirrors!
  11. Buy or make behind the couch console/desk table
  12. Refinish dining room table and reupholster chairs. (hopefully, I might have to call in an expert for this one)
  13. Have best 30th birthday ever!
I think that's everything.

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