Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Space saving, back of the door, laundry system

I used to sort my laundry by darks and lights in 2 hampers. Since I started sharing living space with my husband, that just didn't work space-wise anymore. Moving to one big hamper for myself (we still don't mix our laundry together) resulted in me not doing laundry till I was out of clothes and then taking over an hour just to sort it.

After moving to our new loft, I realized it had gone on long enough. Before, I would haul all my clothes downstairs to the community laundry room and just do everything at once. Now, we have the luxury of an in unit washer and dryer. One big laundry day just wasn't possible anymore.

Hanging anything behind a door is a great space saver that most people know about. I toyed with the idea of making my own bags to hang, but then I saw these pretty colorful oversized shopping bags in the window of TJ Max. I bought simple hooks at Home Depot, and in total I spent under $15 for everything.

 Can you figure out which bag is for what?

The straps were too long, so I pinned them to the shortest length that could still work. I intend to sew them, eventually.

First, I figured placement. Hung the top hook as high as I could and still have the door close. Then, with the bag hanging from it, I placed the lowest hook as low as I could without the bag dragging on the floor. Last, I placed the center bag hook in the middle of the other two.

Just some simple marking, drilling, and screwing.

Now, it's so much easier doing laundry. When a bag is full I just take it to the washer and pop everything in. Done.

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